Extremely fun to drive, the 2022 Audi Q5 also has a very practical side. It comes with many of the most advanced safety components. Today the team here at Audi Nashua goes over some of our favorites.

Forward Collision Warning

Your Audi Q5 will always monitor the road in front, and if it detects a potential collision, you will get an audible and visual alert.

Automatic Emergency Braking

The vehicle will apply the brakes for you if you don’t react to that alert quickly. The car can even come to a complete stop if necessary.

Blind Spot Monitoring

Whenever you’re out driving, you’ll always know if there are any cars around you with blind spot monitoring. This will help you determine when it’s safe to change lanes.

Front and Rear Parking Sensors

Thanks to sensors in your bumpers, you’ll get an alert if you get too close to an object either in front or behind.

Lane Departure Warning

If you accidentally veer out of your lane, your Audi Q5 will let you know so you can correct your course.

Rear Cross-Traffic Alert

This system will monitor traffic from both sides of your car so you will know when it is safe to back up.

Automatic High-Beam Headlights

When driving at night, this feature will automatically turn your high beams on when there’s no on-coming traffic. When a car approaches, it will turn them off, and then turn them back on when the car goes by.

Available Safety Features

You can also equip your Audi Q5 with other features, including:

  • Traffic sign recognition
  • Lane keep assist
  • Traffic jam assist
  • A surround-view parking camera system
  • Adaptive cruise control

Want to see how the Audi Q5 will help keep you safe? Visit Audi Nashua to take it out for a test drive.