Those of us of a certain age have seen countless films, cartoons, books and other tales about the self-piloting automobile. As someone who spends 30-hours round trip in a car when it comes to visiting family, the idea of a self-piloting car would really make such trips easier on the body, mind and eyes. For many years many of us have expected our smart-enough-to-drive-itself car models, but to no avail. Well, perhaps the wait won’t be too much longer. Audi is working on the solution to this dream. Within several years, car owners are expected to have the option to turn over control of their vehicle to an internal pilot, thanks to advances across digital technologies that are being perfected and harnessed continually by Audi and other automakers, as well as by tech companies including Google.

2015 Audi Q7

Imagine getting behind the wheel of the impressive 2015 Audi Q7 3.0 TDI Premium Plus (Tiptronic) SUV, which can be found here at Audi of Nashua and allowing a “pilot” to take over driving duties. However, Audi engineers are hoping to develop such a pilot, but allow drivers to still be able to take over and enjoy drive. Audi is following up on this idea with the “congestion pilot,” technology that relieves the driver of the task of driving while the system automatically accelerates, brakes and steers the vehicle, at speeds up to about 37 miles per hour. Once the traffic jam disperses or the end of the highway has been reached, the driver is prompted to take back control.

Audi expects to see self-piloting cars within the next few years and when those hit the market, make sure you come over to Audi of Nashua and find the right model for you.