Audi Nashua is your local Audi dealership devoted to excellence. As you probably noticed, we are always excited about new Audi tech. However, we think the Audi Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory System is something all of our customers can get hyped about.

A new part of the Audi Connect PRIME technology suite is going to save time and energy for our customers on a daily basis. The new expansion of this system will include Green Light Optimization Speed Advisory, which essentially helps drivers avoid red lights. By communicating the city infrastructure, your car can help you determine what speed to go in order to hit the most green lights possible.

If you’re sick of all of the stops and starts with hitting numerous red lights on your daily commute, this feature is totally for you. How it works is the Audi Traffic Light Information system receives signals from the central traffic system in participating cities. Then, the center of the instrument cluster shows the phase of the upcoming traffic light and tells the driver how long until it changes.

This eliminates the anxiety over how long you will be sitting at red lights, as well as helps you drive more safely and aware of impending red lights that you could potentially accidentally go through. The feature was previewed all the way back in 2014 at the Consumer Electronics Show, and it will soon be available to hundreds of driver and will cost only $199 for six months including a variety of other Audi Connect Prime services.

This technology is something that we can’t wait to see for ourselves; it has already started in Denver, CO, White Plains, NY, and Gainesville and Orlando, FL. We can help you find Audi lease specials and all of the other tools necessary to buy or lease a new car with us in Nashua.