There’s not much that can match the thrill of driving off our dealership lot in a new Audi car. However, if you want your vehicle to remain in the same excellent condition that it was in when you first purchased it, regular maintenance is absolutely essential. Here at Audi Nashua, not only do we sell a wide selection of Audi sedans, coupes, and SUVs, but we also have a team of expert mechanics who perform Audi maintenance. This is an overview of the maintenance schedule that should be followed.

Short-Term Maintenance

First of all, our mechanics recommend getting Audi maintenance at least every six months. These are some of the types of maintenance that we’ll be performing more frequently:

  • Oil and Coolant Levels: Before any longer road trips, it’s a good idea to get an idea of your oil and coolant level. Low levels of either can lead to engine problems if they are untreated.
  • Air Filter: The air filter in your 2021 Audi Q5 regulates the air that flows into your engine and helps to keep out the debris and particulate matter. Free-flowing air can decrease your emissions and help ensure the life of your engine.
  • Tire Rotation: The treadwear patterns on your tires may vary between the front and back tires. Rotating your tires can prevent this from happening.

Long-Term Check-Ups

  • Transmission Fluid: The transmission fluid is a lubricant that keeps all parts running smoothly inside your transmission. It should be checked periodically.
  • Spark Plugs: Spark plugs in your engine ignite the gas and air mixture that powers your vehicle.

Schedule your regular Audi maintenance today at Audi Nashua, or contact our dealers for more information.