While your Audi Q5 is an intricate machine composed of high-tech parts and systems, maintaining it actually isn’t very difficult. You just need to stick to this service schedule: 

Every Quarter

There are two things you should be doing every couple of months. First, you’ll want to get under the hood and check out the fluids. You need to make sure that they are at the right levels and top them off if they are getting low. Also, check the pressure of your tires. This too needs to be at the right level, for safety purposes, as well as to maintain your fuel economy.

Twice a Year

The most important service task for your Audi is probably regular oil changes, and you should be getting these done twice per year. Oil thickens up over time, which can have a big impact on engine performance. Old oil also reduces your gas mileage. The other thing you should be doing about every six months is getting your tires rotated. This will help them last a lot longer.

Once a Year

At least on a yearly basis, you should have two major parts inspected: your brakes and battery. Your braking systems has parts that wear down, and because it is so vital for your safety, these should be looked at closely. And since your battery only has a lifespan of about five years or so, you should know what kind of charge it has remaining.

If your car is due for service, just get in touch with the service center at Audi Nashua. We can also put it on a schedule, so you’ll always be alerted when some maintenance is required.