For many customers, taking home a brand new car means financing, but even if you finance, sometimes a down payment is required. Not to worry, we have all of the information you’ll need about the process of buying a car, as well as ways you can save money and prepare to make that big purchase beforehand. Swing by our Nashua Audi dealership to see our selection anytime.

Step one of saving for a new car is simply that, saving. If you can stash away as little as 10-20% of your paycheck for a few months, that will definitely add up. It’s important to note that you don’t just have the MSRP price to consider – if you’re financing, you’ll also have interest and a possible down payment required.

Even if you don’t finance, you’ll want to think about taxes, registration, and title fees depending on your state. You’ll also have a monthly car insurance bill to think about. Lastly, you don’t want to deplete your little car savings nest egg because you’ll need to pay for gas, routine maintenance, and maybe a repair at some point.

Step two is making sure you’re getting a good deal and selecting the vehicle that fits your budget best. For many new buyers, this means choosing a pre-owned Audi vehicle that can help you get a lot of value for your dollars.

Step three is getting the most for your trade (if applicable). At Audi Nashua, we make trade in offers based on the true value of your vehicle. The better condition it is in, the more money you’re likely to get to put toward your new car.

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