If you’re looking for an Audi vehicle but are turned off by the high prices, leasing could be a great alternative to buying. For one thing, this is generally cheaper, as you’re just paying for the value of the car during the lease period.

Leasing also gives you a lot of flexibility because you can just turn the car in when the agreement expires. Plus, with an Audi lease, no down payment is necessary.

Initial Fees

While you won’t need to supply money for a down payment on a lease, it is important to know that there are some initial fees, such as a security deposit and the first month’s payment.

Can You Include a Down Payment?

Even though a down payment isn’t necessary, you will have the choice to supply one. If you’re concerned about monthly payments, for example, putting money up front will allow you to lower them.

How Much Money Should You Put Down?

If you think a down payment is a good idea, the next step is thinking about the amount. Twenty percent is generally the recommendation when financing, and you can adhere to that number as well for a lease. No matter what you put down, it’s important that it is something you feel comfortable paying.

Find the Right Lease at Audi Nashua

If you’re eager to lease a fantastic vehicle, come down to Audi Nashua to check out our selection. Or, take a look at our online inventory. If you see something you like, you can set-up the entire lease process online or over the phone and then have your car brought out to your home.