When you go to buy a vehicle for the first time, everyone’s got some advice – Grandma June, Uncle Pete, they all just want to help. However, that doesn’t mean one-hundred percentage of the car-buying information is correct. Today, Audi Nashua is here to debunk some common car-buying myths to help you get to the truth and find the best vehicle for your at our dealership.

The first myth we’ve heard is that there’s a better time of day or weather condition to buy a vehicle. Some people say at night just before closing, or on a rainy day, our professionals may be more likely to “cut you a deal.” False. Our pricing is fair and consistent across the board, no matter when you choose to come by.

Some people also believe that financing is a scam. However, financing is simply another word for getting a loan. Our Audi financial department allows you to take your car home and make monthly payments you can afford. Of course, there is an interest rate and other related fees, but financing is ultimately a service we offer for those who cannot pay 100% out of pocket for a vehicle.

There are also many myths regarding vehicle trades. Some people are convinced they’re just a way for dealers to swindle more money out of our customers, but it’s actually quite the opposite. We conduct vehicle trades for the ease of our customers, so they don’t have to worry about personally selling their old vehicle. We use established vehicle value calculators to make sure we are giving you a fair price on your trade.

We have plenty of other information that may help new car buyers like yourself, so don’t hesitate to contact us today. And if you’re interested in Audi lease specials, we can talk to you about those as well.