Now that we are in the heart of winter here in the Nashua area, drivers are looking to maximize performance and safety when driving on the icy, snowy roads. Here at Audi Nashua, our Audi parts center has a large inventory of genuine OEM Audi accessories, many of which are focused on winter driving. These winter-specific accessories are designed so that the frost and ice cannot harm you or your Audi vehicle.

Ice Scraper and Snow Brush: One of the most crucial things to keep in your car during winter is a sturdy combination ice scraper and snow brush. Snow and ice should be immediately wiped off your car because it can block your view or fly off and hit another car. Make sure your windshield, rearview window, side windows, and roof are cleared of all snow before driving.

Windshield Washer Fluid: In the winter, you will likely be using your windshield wiper fluid more often than usual. Make sure to have enough of it stocked up before the next snowstorm hits.

Heated Wiper Blades: When you’re driving and the snow begins to stick to your windshield, driving can be stressful and even unsafe. Installing heated wiper blades from Audi Nashua will make snow and ice on the windshield melt much faster.

Winter Emergency Kit: Before you hit the road on any kind of winter road trip, it is important that you are prepared with a winter emergency kit. In the kit, you should have a flashlight, portable phone charger, first aid kit, extra blanket and clothing, granola bars, water, and extra batteries.

For additional Audi winter accessories, talk to a friendly Audi parts representative here at Audi Nashua.