Anybody who has lived in the Nashua, NH area during the winter will tell you that we get plenty of snow, ice, and cold temperatures. This year, winter conditions have arrived in November, and people are doing everything they can to get their vehicles ready to handle the icy roads that come along with the season. Here at Audi Nashua, our team of dealers has plenty of experience in handling winter driving conditions, and we would like to share our knowledge with local drivers. Here are some ways to outfit your Audi car for the winter.  

Put a Winter Supply Box in Your Car: Having a winter box full of all the survival essentials can make a huge difference if something goes wrong on the road. In the box, make sure to include things like a flashlight, road flares, a first-aid kit, blankets, warm clothes, a radio, an extra ice scraper, and high-energy snacks. This survival kit is especially important if you’re driving in rural areas.  

Coolant and Antifreeze Check: Schedule a service appointment with our Audi service center so that our mechanics can check your coolant and antifreeze levels. These substances keep your engine from freezing during the cold winter weather.  

Tire Pressure Check: Rapid changes in temperature can cause your tire pressure to change. During your winter service appointment, our mechanics will check your tire pressure and tread depth to make sure that your tires are safe for winter driving. If you want extra security on icy roads, we recommend getting winter tires installed.  

For more ways to outfit your Audi car for winter, talk to a professional mechanic at Audi Nashua.