Spring is here at last, and Audi Nashua is here to help you with all your Audi service needs. As you prepare everything else for spring, you want to keep your vehicle in full repair, as well. Keep these five service tasks in mind to get your Audi vehicle ready for spring.

Oil Change

As a new season arrives, it’s a good idea to get your oil changed if you haven’t done so recently. Fresh, clean oil keeps your vehicle running smoothly as the weather stays cooler and wetter.

Check Tire Pressure

Hopefully, you’ve maintained your tire pressure during the winter, as the cold often deflates your tires below recommended specifications. With the warmer spring weather, you should check your tire pressure once more to ensure it’s ready for the new season.

Check Battery

Your car’s battery might be damaged from the cold temperatures of winter, leading to cracks and leaks. Have it inspected to make sure it’s still operating properly, or have it replaced by our trained technicians.

Replacing Windshield Wipers

Spring weather brings more and more rain, which can mean trouble if your wipers aren’t prepared. If you need new wiper blades or need to replace your entire wiper system, it’s best to do so before major storms come in. You also want to top off windshield washer fluid to keep your windshield clean from kicked-up debris.

Examine Headlights

It’s best to check that your headlights are working as the rainy season comes upon us. Make sure your lightbulbs are in working order and not fading or out completely.

Get Spring Audi Service in Nashua, NH

As you prepare for spring, visit Audi Nashua to get your Audi service checklist done. Contact us to learn more about what maintenance tasks your vehicle needs and schedule a service appointment today!