When you buy a luxury car, you want to know that it’s worth it. At Audi Nashua, we’re here to tell you that you’ll have a hard time finding a luxury vehicle that’s more worth it than a certified pre-owned Audi car. There are so many good reasons to check out our pre-owned selection, and the CPO program will give you extra peace of mind that just doesn’t come with the typical used car.

Why Buy Pre-Owned

Buying a pre-owned car often means saving money. That’s because you avoid the depreciation that comes with purchasing a brand new vehicle. A new car starts to drop in value when it leaves the lot and the number on the odometer begins to rise. As a result, a pre-owned car that’s just a few years old can cost less than you would expect. Your budget could now cover a model that offers more features, so you end up getting more car for your money.

There’s also a huge variety of pre-owned models to choose from. There are different vehicles, in different trim levels, from different years. It’s actually not too difficult to find a pre-owned Audi vehicle that offers just what you need, and it could cost you far less than custom–ordering a brand new model would. As an added bonus, some pre-owned cars can qualify for special Audi financing offers occasionally, saving you even more!

The Audi CPO Program

The Audi Certified pre-owned program is another great reason to buy pre-owned. Not just any used car can receive the certified pre-owned Audi label. Each of these luxury cars has passed a 300-point dealer inspection, and each also offers a limited warranty.

Audi vehicles are already built to last, and now you know that these pre-owned cars have met the brand’s highest standards. It’s probably time to visit our Audi dealers in Nashua, NH so that you can take some of these pre-owned cars and crossovers for a test drive!