From convenience to financial savings, trading in your vehicle with our Nashua Audi dealership is a smart move for our customers. If you’ve not yet had experience with this process before, we’d be more than happy to break it down for you.

What are the benefits of trading in my current vehicle?

With Audi Nashua, you can get a new vehicle and take care of your current one in the same easy transaction. After we determine the value of your current car, we’ll let you know how much money we can give you for it to put toward your next vehicle. The day you make your purchase, you’ll drive to our dealership in your current car and drive home in the new one.

Is trading better than selling the vehicle on my own?

In all likelihood, you’re going to have a much easier time negotiating with us on a trade than you would finding a private buyer for your vehicle. As Audi dealers, we have access to resources that help us determine exactly what your car is worth. There’s no hassle, no inconvenient meetups, or time and money spent trying to recoup money you’ve invested in your current car.

What does trading in involve?

The first step is learning the value of your trade and anticipating how that will affect your budget. Secondly, you’ll want to gather all important documents like title, manual, and any maintenance receipts so the next owner can be informed and prepared. The day you come to make your trade, you’ll also need to gather all personal effects and prepare to say goodbye to your current car.

If you’re looking to trade to upgrade your model to something newer like a 2018 Audi A3, our professional sales team can answer any additional questions you may have. Come see us today at Audi of Nashua.