Audi Nashua is your premier auto dealership in New Hampshire for end of lease options. We hope you loved your Audi car enough to keep it, but we will support your choice if you’re ready to move on to something new. Let us be the Audi dealership that lets you know what you can do when the lease is up.

When you’re about 90 days out from the end of your vehicle lease, you’ll want to start thinking about your options. Our Audi sales professionals can let you know the current value of your leased vehicle so you can factor that into your decision.

Buying your leased vehicle: If you really love your current car and want to stick with it, we will gladly sell it to you. You can pursue traditional financing or opt to pay all-cash for your leased vehicle.

Leasing another model: We are constantly offering Audi lease specials, but we sweeten the pot even more if you’re signing on for a new lease when your current one expires. If you liked leasing but want a model upgrade or to switch things up, we can definitely help.

Walking away: If this model or lease just wasn’t the right fit, that’s okay. There may be fees that will apply based on mileage, condition, or other factors, but you are welcome to return the vehicle to us when your lease is up.

In some cases, we may also be able to extend your current lease if you need a bit more time to decide what to do next. Come by our Nashua Audi dealership to learn about other models available for lease in our inventory. We can’t wait to help you in any way we can.