At Audi of Nashua in New Hampshire, we know today’s technology as well as other factors can provide distractions while out on the road. However, as an Audi dealership, your safety and happiness are top priorities for us. That’s why today we’ve provided you with just a few safety tips to keep in mind, especially as the seasons change in the coming months.

Fall: As with every season, it is always important to keep your hands on the wheel and eyes on the road. With the madness of going back to school, it can be easy to catch yourself trying to multitask at the wheel. However, anything that distracts you from driving, especially texting or making phone calls, can be extremely dangerous. Luckily, nearly all Audi models now offer Bluetooth handsfree calling and texting capabilities, so texting and driving will soon be a concern of the past.

Winter: Employees at Audi of Nashua know one of the biggest safety concerns while driving can be the treacherous New England winters. By monitoring the tread on your tires, allowing time for defrosting windows and staying inside when weather conditions are truly dangerous, the winter months later this year should be a breeze. Standard Audi all-season tires should be sufficient for any weather, but you could always upgrade to a deeper tread if desired.

Spring: In the spring, weather can be yet another concern when heavy rains hit the area. By replacing windshield wipers when needed, keeping your headlights clean and, once again, monitoring tire tread, driving in New Hampshire in the spring can be a pretty sight. This time of year is also great for scheduling routine maintenance like oil changes or car washes and detailing.

Summer: With tons of fun activities in the summer, including road trips and vacations, it can feel monotonous to spend so much of the nice weather in the car. However, rather than speeding and risking the safety of yourself and others on the road, at Audi of Nashua, we suggest using the satellite radio, MP3 capabilities, or other fun infotainment features that you’ll find in nearly every 2016 Audi to make the trip seem to fly by.

Come on down to Audi of Nashua for more information on safe driving. You can even take a ride in one of our super safe certified pre-owned Audi vehicles today.