There’s something about getting your home in order, sorting through old items, and cleaning away the clutter that is simply good for the soul. As the weather warms up, it’s the perfect time for this kind of refresh. And if you participate in spring cleaning your house, why not do the same for another of your big financial investments — your vehicle.

During New Hampshire winters, our cars go through quite the trauma with snow, ice, salt, and other debris. When the sun comes out and warmer weather hits this spring, you’ll want to rejuvenate your car for the summer and make sure to rid its exterior of any road-treatment chemicals that can cause rust down the road. Make sure you wash and dry thoroughly, making sure to clean the underneath of the vehicle as well. Additionally, you’ll want to give the interior a good sweep and scrub to prepare for all of your warm-weather travels.

And when we say spring cleaning, we aren’t only talking about the cleaning part. It’s also time to get an oil change, fluid check, tire rotation, and maybe some other routine maintenance or repairs you’ve been putting off. With the help of our Audi service center, we will have your car in top shape in no time.

Spring cleaning is the perfect reminder to give your vehicle a little TLC, and we are more than happy to help. If you live near Nashua or Andover, search for “Audi cars near me,” and you’ll find us. You can make an appointment with our service center by phone or online, so contact us to get started with your vehicle spring cleaning today!