If you live in the greater Nashua, NH area and have been searching for an “Audi dealer near me,” you have found the right place. At Audi of Nashua, we love being a part of such a significant, revolutionary auto brand, and as such, we enjoying sharing exciting information with our customers including flashes to the past that show how far the Audi company has come. As a leading innovator in the automobile industry, the Audi brand has made some impressive changes to its models over the years, one of the most drastically changing being the Audi A3.

The Audi A3 was first designed back in 1996, following the entry-level Volkswagen Golf platform. However, with a twist from the beginning, the Audi A3 borrowed higher-market features from other classic Audi models, making it the perfect combination of luxury and sport at that time. This resulted in the creation of a whole new class of cars that we still buy today – the premium compact class.

Fairly basic in design and engine options, the Audi A3 in 1996 was quite different from the model we know and love now. Over the years, new variants from three to five doors have been created and more than fifty different models have joined the premium compact class alongside that original model. With over four million units sold in over 100 markets worldwide, including the U.S., the Audi A3 remains one of the brand’s most beloved, and successful, models.
For more information about the impressive Audi A3 or any of your other favorite Audi cars, visit Audi of Nashua in New Hampshire. We can’t wait to show you the luxury and premium experience of owning an Audi car today.