Despite their legendary durability and long-lasting construction, Audi cars will still need to get repairs and maintenance eventually. No vehicle is completely indestructible, and when you do need to get Audi repairs, you will want to make sure that the people doing the work are the trained and certified Audi technicians here at Audi Nashua. We have the OEM Audi parts, training, and necessary experience to get your Audi car back into top shape. Here are some of the most common repairs that we perform.

The Most Common Car Repairs

Luckily, a lot of the most common Audi repairs are simple fixes that our mechanics can complete in just a few hours or less.

  • Oxygen sensor replacement: This kind of car repair is very common in older Audi models. The oxygen sensor detects un-combusted oxygen in your exhaust, and if it breaks, it can hurt the fuel-efficiency of your car.
  • Wiper blade replacements: In order to make it through the snowy Nashua winter, you’re going to want functional wiper blades. Luckily, wiper blades are cheap and simple to replace.
  • Air filter replacement: Your car’s air filter keeps the engine running with a balanced air to fuel ratio. Without a functional air filter, your vehicle can misfire. While replacing the air filter is a moderate expense, ignoring issues with it can turn it into a major expense.
  • Brake pads and brake work: Having functional brakes is essential for both safety and vehicle performance. Brake pads will wear out as you use them, and replacing them is necessary routine maintenance.

No matter what kind of Audi repairs you need, the team of professional mechanics at Audi Nashua is ready to handle them.