Do you have a teenager in your family? If so, they might have their license or may be getting ready to get their driver’s license. Whether they already have it or they’re preparing to get it, you might want to buy an automobile for your teenager.

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, more than 80% of parents who purchased a vehicle for a teen bought a pre-owned model. With previously owned cars being more reliable than ever paired with their comparatively lower price tags, it makes sense for parents to get a pre-owned model rather than a new vehicle for a teenaged motorist.

When you contact our Audi dealership near Salem, NH, we’ll tell you that you should look for certain things when you shop for a pre-owned car for a teenaged driver. The IIHS recommends that parents seek out midsize cars and smaller SUVs that weigh a comparable amount instead of compact or small vehicles.

The IIHS also suggests that you look for an automobile that has electronic stability control. ESC became a requirement for new cars sold in the United States starting with the 2012 model-year. If you’re considering a vehicle from an earlier model-year, you’ll need to check its list of features to make sure it has ESC.

The IIHS maintains a list of pre-owned vehicles it believes are the best choices for teen drivers across automotive classes. It’s wise to consult the institute’s list to see which models it recommends.

The current list includes several pre-owned Audi models that are part of our inventory of pre-owned Audi cars. Head over to Audi Nashua to find a previously owned Audi vehicle for your teen driver today!