As Audi dealers, we realize that not every car is perfect for every Audi customer. Whether it’s a matter of budget, lifestyle, or something else, you have specific needs as a driver and we want to help accommodate those. Depending on the stage of life you’re in, we’ve got some recommendations to get you started.

For teens and new drivers, we highly recommend pre-owned or certified pre-owned Audi cars. First of all, this is a very cost-effective choice. It also gives newbies a chance to explore a wide inventory of cars from a variety of model years. That means your new driver will be able to have more of a selection and can find the model that has all the features they want without breaking the bank.

Pre-owned models also make a great option for recent college grads. You can get all of the luxury and reliability of an Audi car, but at a fraction of the price. And if you have the means and desire to buy a brand new Audi car for your teen or new driver, the sedans are a good option for their size, which makes parking and backing up easier.

If you’ve got a new baby on the way and you want to upgrade to something larger, we can’t recommend the Audi Q7 and Audi Q5 enough. Both SUVs are spacious and packed with tech and convenience features we know families love. Audi vehicles, in general, are loved by parents thanks to their proven safety.

Now when it comes to empty nesters, you might go one of two ways: for efficiency or thrills. A sleek sedan like the Audi A3 might be what you’re after, or the beautiful Audi A5 coupe might be more like it.

No matter what your exact car needs are, we’re sure we can help you find a great fit at Audi Nashua. Come by today!