Here in the Westford, MA region, it could not be a better time to buy winter tires for your Audi. Thanks to the winter storm that occurred last week, roads are still covered in snow and ice, creating unsafe conditions even for drivers lucky enough to have quattro all-wheel-drive Audi vehicles like the 2020 Audi Q3. Normal all-season tires are adequate for most of the year, but winter tires provide an extra security blanket for winter driving. Here at Audi Nashua, our Audi service center is stocked with a wide selection of winter tires for a variety of Audi vehicles.

While some drivers may assume that all-season tires are fine for year-round driving, that is only true if you live in a temperate climate, which we definitely do not here in New England. If you live in a place where it snows or the temperature drops below freezing, winter tires will dramatically improve your winter driving experience. Winter tires have a major advantage over other tires because they have superior tread patterns that are designed for usage on ice and snow. They also boast softer rubber components that further enhance grip on icy surfaces.

While all-wheel-drive systems like the Audi quattro system help you accelerate on slippery surfaces, they do not help you stop. Additionally, steering power on slippery surfaces is almost completely due to the traction provided by your tires. Finally, purchasing winter tires also has the advantage of prolonging the life of your primary tires, as they will be protected from having to deal with the worst winter conditions.

To shop our selection of Audi winter tires, head over to Audi Nashua today.