If you live in Nashua or Andover and have searched for an “Audi dealer near me,” you may have come across Audi Nashua. What you may not know is that we aren’t just your average car dealership – we truly care about our customers and giving them information that can help in their day to day life as car owners. New England residents know winter weather can be a bit stressful, but you can follow these tips to have a safe and happy winter on the road this year.

Driving during the winter should be considered with care. If the weather is sure to be bad, you can consider changing your plans and staying home. However, if you must drive in the snow, ice, or sleet, make sure to take your time and be aware of the changing weather conditions and temperature. Always heat up your vehicle beforehand and make sure to clear ice and snow from your windshield, hood, windows, and roof to make sure you don’t lose visibility while driving.

Before the coldest weather hits though, bring your vehicle by our Audi dealership service center for routine care and maintenance. A simple oil change, tire rotation, or other service can ensure your vehicle is running as it should this winter. You may also consider replacing your tires with snow tires, or upgrading to all season tires with a good tread. Routine maintenance is important during all times of the year, but especially if you may be encountering low temps and icy conditions.

Lastly, always be prepared for the unexpected. By keeping a first aid kit, blanket, flashlight, jumper cables, and other emergency equipment in your vehicle, you’ll be prepared for the worst. At Audi Nashua, we hope you and your family are safe this winter season, and always. Feel free to come by our lot for more information, or visit our service center anytime.