As your Manchester-area Audi dealership, we love offering tips and suggestions that help our customers with the new car shopping experience. If you’ve never taken a test drive before, or you need a refresher, this post is for you.

Preparation for test driving:

  • You can use our website to view our inventory in advance, that way you can narrow down to your top two or three favorite cars to come see in person.
  • Plan to come by on a day where your schedule is clear and you’ve got plenty of time to consider your new car decision.
  • Don’t forget your driver’s license!

During the test drive:

  • Before you put the car in gear, adjust your seat and mirrors, and take some time to get accustomed to the set-up of the car.
  • Explore the special features, extra drive modes, and any other special details that may set this car apart from others.
  • Bring a friend who can take notes, pictures, or other information for you to consider later.
  • Drive on a variety of road types, and take your time parking and backing-up to get a feel for the size and drivestyle of the car.
  • Feel free to ask tons of questions – that is what our car shopping professionals are there for!

We know buying a new car can be a big decision, and that’s why we will never rush you into making a choice. Go home, sleep on it, and come back knowing for certain which car is the one for you. To find us, you can search for “Audi cars near me.“ We can’t wait to work with you!